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How to build a Singer tap: infographic

“How do you eat an octopus? One bite at a time…” When I first encountered Singer, I was armed with basic Python skills and experience with REST APIs. I was familiar with data integration and ETL but I had no knowledge of the Singer platform. After learning how to use Singer to set up a tap […]

Looker ERD Generator – from an Explore using the Looker API

Have you ever wanted to create an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) from your Looker Model Explores? As a Looker partner consultant, I get asked for an ERD or Data Model all of the time. Data Model diagrams provide a concise, visual way to show how the tables (or views) and fields relate to one another. […]

Smart Partitioned Tables in Looker

Objective In many clients we see that most dashboard queries have the range of data is usually less than or equal to 12 months from the current date. This gives motivation to split large tables that span multiple years into two tables, one that holds historical and one that holds more current data, in order […]