FAST Program

Foundations Advisory Support Team (FAST)

The very first Advisory + Professional Services + Managed Services solution of its kind, our FAST program is designed for organizations with lofty cloud-native goals, who need a single program to drive them from start to finish.

The FAST Program is a block time advisory, solutions engineering and managed services engagement that takes a programmatic, process-driven approach to continually identify areas for overall improvement and progress in your AWS environment, while also providing industry-leading continuity capabilities.


Operational Excellence

Focus on cloud-native best practices and ensure your team is prepared to operate a Cloud Center of Excellence 


Performance Efficiency

Review, monitor and optimize implementation of cloud-native compute, storage, network and data


Reduce undifferentiated heavy lifting and focus on disaster recovery, automation and high-availability with containers and microservices

Cost Optimization

 In-depth review of your overall cloud to spend identify areas for immediate cost savings, enable cost prediction and optimize growth



Environment configuration and best practices for overall Security Posture. Analyze access policies, monitoring and logging for forensic purposes

The FAST Program Provides

Ongoing environment support and over 50 engineering services with industry-crushing service level agreements

FAST provides radical enablement from an engineering standpoint, with either 12/5 or 24/7 coverage windows

Choose from a baseline of “activity hours” that can be used for environment support, Cloud, DevOps engineering tasks. All advisory initiatives with FAST are included at no cost


Cloud Support

Business Enablement 

DevSecOps Support

Ongoing Engineering



Executive Reports

Security Updates

Roster Changes

Findings Report



Architecture Reviews

Technology Alignment

Alerting Evaluations 

KPI Reporting



Flexibility For Any Stage

Dedicated Cloud Support

Training Workshops

Staffing Assistance 



Continuous Governance

Violation Tracking

Cost Management

Common FAST Toolset

Kubernetes Logo
Matillion Logo

FAST Review

Findings Report

Prioritized remediation 

Why remediation is important

Resource Planning considerations


Current AWS Posture evaluation

Alignment to Cloud maturity

Opportunities for service transformation


Save cost 

Reduce operational effort 

Provide faster product/service delivery

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