About North Labs

North Labs is a veteran-owned consultancy specializing in helping organizations build the future of their data capabilities.

Pushing the envelope of innovation

North Labs is a cloud-native data analytics consulting firm that helps organizations push the envelope of groundbreaking innovation with an “advisory-first” attitude and a focus on business outcomes.

We bring a proven approach to the entire landscape of cloud-native data enablement, whether that’s strategy, engineering, or anything in-between.

North Labs is here to help you design, build and manage your data future.

A message from our founder

I got my start in the cloud space back in 2007, when I became one of the world's earliest cloud computing consultants, specializing in Amazon Web Services. It's been incredible to watch this industry grow like it has over the course of the last 15 years.

Since 2016, North Labs has helped hundreds of companies--from high-growth startups to the Fortune 500--successfully move down the path of data/cloud maturity while avoiding the hidden costs, complexities, and pitfalls that trouble most organizations in their transformation efforts. As a trusted advisor, we don't focus solely on technology, but People, Process, & Technology as one holistic effort.

Here at North Labs, we will be by your side as you progress in your data maturity, help you overcome any challenges you face, and ultimately build the data future you seek.

Let's get to work.


Collin Graves
Founder, North Labs

Our Values

Hire the best, and help them get better

Swing the bat, even if you miss the ball

Radical transparency

Open & honest communication

Build technology to make human services better

Work/Life harmony

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