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Whether you are looking to unify legacy data sources or build the future of your data program, North Labs has a solution for you.

Managed Data & AI

Our flagship Managed Data Operations (MDO) program, Data Concierge provides organization's with a fully-fledged, technology-assisted data team, for a fraction of the cost of a comparable internal team.

Our team will design your environment, assist with ongoing engineering and data modeling efforts, and own the health of your environment as a whole, so you can spend your time delivering value to your organization.

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Data Strategy and Architecture

Don’t wait until it’s too late to refresh your data approach. North Labs is here to help implement a battle-tested plan and get you back on track so you don’t get left behind.

With our team's help, we’ll help efficiently navigate the cutting edge of cloud, data & analytics together.

Data Engineering

Data drives everything. This is especially true for organizations looking to leverage the best practices of automation, testing, and data transformation.

Use the power of modern data tools to get the best out of your data. North Labs' unique approach will keep you on the forefront for the long term so you can keep looking ahead towards the future.

Data Governance

Data Governance is a set of processes, roles, and standards that ensure a high output of quality in your data. A well-crafted and secure data governance strategy is critical to any high-performing group.

Utilizing Snowflake, North Labs has helped achieve data literacy for over 100 big data organizations. Contact us today to learn how we can help achieve this for your organization.

BI & Data Analytics

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics focuses on simplifying and automating your organizations’ insights so you can move faster.

At North Labs, we are here to help introduce the role of Analytics Engineering across your entire organization, building self-service capabilities into your company's data efforts.

Data Science

Has your organization considered embracing machine learning technology? If not, you may be missing out on pipeline automation, more efficient data preparation, and much more.

North Labs’ team has created scalable solutions for organizations that help bring data together. Are you ready to create a single efficient source of truth in your data?

Data Apps

Data applications are becoming increasingly popular among data-driven groups.

North Labs is here to help bridge the gap from "data poor" applications to highly functional, embeddable applications that have the ability to keep data flowing at an incredible speed.

Data Sharing

Data sharing no longer consists of sending large files over the Internet via email. These legacy practices are outdated, unsafe, and a pain for users to consume.

North Labs helps ensure that your secure data sharing strategy is up to date with industry standards.

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