Fully-managed Data & AI Operations.
Batteries Included.

Building a successful Data & AI Operation is hard....

Really hard.

Our team will design your environment, assist with ongoing data engineering, modeling and analytics efforts, and own the health of your environment as a whole so you can spend more time delivering value to your organization.

Data & AI Program Success: Guaranteed.

According to Gartner, data project failure rates have increased from 60% to 87% in the last seven years.

Accelerating an organization's data modernization efforts by hiring an internal team is expensive, time-consuming, and risky.

Organizations struggle to align People, Process, and Technology across their data project roadmap, increasing the likelihood of inefficiency and project failure.

Our Managed Data & AI Solutions Focus on What Matters Most to Your Organization

Starting from scratch

Hiring an internal team

  • Slow & expensive
  • Limited knowledge of best practices for security, governance, compliance, or the broader tooling landscape.
  • Organizations will need to procure and pay for 4-6 different tools to get started building toward their use cases.
  • No systems in place for monitoring/observability, ongoing break/fix/maintenance efforts, or otherwise.
  • This leads to most organizations spending MOST of their time just keeping the system running instead of building value with the system.
  • A trained & certified team at your fingertips
  • Extensive knowledge of best practices in security, governance, compliance, and tools.
  • Data Concierge grows with you as you add new data sources, roadmap initiatives, and workflows
  • Ongoing maintenance support and optimization
  • Your organization now has time to spend on the efforts that are most valuable to your bottom line and your business

North Labs helps Design, Build and Maintain Data & AI Capabilities

Cost Example: Build from Scratch

Example of a team built from scratch

Not including: taxes, insurance, benefits, training, placement fees
monthly program cost including labor and tooling:

Full-Service Managed Data Operations

cost to build your data program with Data Concierge:A fraction of the cost of an internal team

How Can North Labs Help?

Firm Data Foundation
We will deliver a cloud data environment and operational process that is flexible, scalable, resilient, and optimized for driving successful outcomes
We'll Do The Heavy Lifting
We'll do all of the work to get your mission-critical data sources properly ingested, transformed and analysis-ready
Find Your "North Star"
We will work with you to determine the metrics, Key Business Questions (KBQs) and use cases that matter most to your business
Ongoing Monitoring
Our team provides real-time observability, monitoring and optimization for your entire analytics environment, 24/7/365
Open Communication
We train your team on your new data environment, ensuring everyone feels comfortable. Our teams will always be connected via Slack, office hours, and your dedicated customer portal
By Your Side
Your dedicated North Labs team provides ongoing advisory and engineering hours each month so you always have expert-level support available to you

How Does Onboarding Work?

Complete Your Intake Assessment
  • Delivered via Typeform
  • Highlights your current state
  • We gather information around your use cases
  • Helps us identify any gaps we need to address
Schedule Your Technical Review
  • Meeting with a strategic advisor to ask questions about your intake assessment
  • Discuss different environment options
  • Schedule your Delivery Day
  • We get started building your new environment!
Celebrate With Us On Your Delivery Day!
  • Your data & analytics environment is ready Day 1
  • Meet-and-greet with our teams
  • Process and workflow training
  • Education on platform tooling

Building a Data & AI Program from scratch is expensive, time-consuming, and risky. Don't do it alone.