About North Labs

North Labs is a cloud-native data analytics and machine learning consulting firm that was founded on the principle of helping organizations push the envelope of groundbreaking innovation with an education-centric, “advisory-first” attitude.

We specialize in bringing an expertise approach to the entire landscape of cloud-native data, whether that’s strategy, engineering, or anything in between.

North Labs doesn’t resell any products, so you’ll never have to worry about being sold something you truly don’t need. We’re here to help.

Northlabs IO Services and Engagement Model

Our team of consultants, engineers and full stack developers work with your team to provide expertise and increased capacity where needed.


  • Looker Development to deliver innovative data driven solutions
  • Solution architecture, build and integration of data workflows, systems and pipelines from ground 0 or based on your current data structure and workflow
  • Integration of your IT systems with the best and latest cloud-based technologies available
  • Technical support by and access to a team of experts throughout the duration of your project in the areas of: data infrastructure, database systems (including legacy systems) and data web applications

Seamless Integration

  • Work in your preferred tools and channels (or on a dedicated Bytecode IO channel with direct access to the team working on your project)
  • Snap into your process – standup and sprint planning
  • Knowledge transfer: co-development sessions, documentation, knowledge transfer to a successful implementation and enablement of your team and stakeholders

Flexible Scaling

We can bring on the right resource needed for each phase of the project:

  • Bring on the resource type you need to accelerate each phase
  • Ramp scale to meet capacity needs as required

Our Values

Hire the best, and help them get better

Radical transparency

Build technology to create business outcomes

Share the profits employees help create

Open communication

Work/Life Harmony

Work with us

All Northlabs IO positions are remote within the USA. 

Northlabs IO practices equal employment opportunity. We do not discriminate on the ground of race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability or national origin in the hiring, retention, or promotion of our employees.

We are actively looking for great people to join our team. Please check the positions we currently have available

We currently do not offer work sponsorship.


Flexible daily schedule to maximize work / life balance

Paid public holidays

Training/Certification on Looker, AWS and Google Cloud

Vacation, sick & paid family leave


Company laptop

Let’s connect and talk about how to unlock your data