North Labs Announces the Launch of Data Concierge

December 1, 2022, North Labs is revolutionizing the way organizations tackle their data with their newly launched managed service, Data Concierge.

Data Concierge is an ongoing technology-enabled managed service designed to help organizations succeed on their data maturity journey. When organizations partner with North Labs, they receive an entire fractional data team to handle the design, build, and ongoing support of their data environment for a predictable monthly cost. North Labs’ Data Concierge Hub also provides complete observability, monitoring and automation for the ongoing well-being of customer environments. Data Concierge provides organizations with the most efficient, cost-effective route to building and operating a world-class unified analytics environment and growing to truly harness the power of their data.

“Technology has so many different specialties and when it comes to data and analytics, that is no different. This becomes an analytics barrier to entry for SMBs as we may require several solutions and several resources to set up a program. However, with the North Labs Data Concierge program, we have an opportunity to take advantage of world-class technology without breaking the bank on people and technology. It’s a game changer, especially for the midsize company.”

says Bryan Holmes, Vice President of Information Technology at
Andelyn Biosciences.

Unlike building an internal data program from scratch which requires an extensive amount of time, resources, and expertise, Data Concierge gives companies access to end-to-end data architecture, engineering, operations, analytics and tooling support for a transparent monthly cost.

“Organizations are having trouble moving beyond the initial stages of their data modernization efforts, and are forced to spend upwards of 90% of their time on the care and feeding of their environment, as opposed to actually delivering ROI to the organization”, says Collin Graves, Founder and CEO of North Labs. “We knew we needed a way for North Labs to deliver our prescriptive approach to building data systems in an easily-consumable and cost-effective manner to the market. North Labs has made this attainable to small and mid-size businesses through Data Concierge, no matter where they are on their data modernization journey.”

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