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Data Concierge

Our proven, guaranteed approach to Data Operations means you can spend more time delivering value to your organization, and less time managing incorrect tools and process.

What is the Data Journey?

Every organization that uses data is somewhere on their own data journey. That journey has four major stages, and each of those stages is its own smaller journey, the stages look like this:

Stage 1


Setting up data for the first time

Stage 2


Ingestion and modeling of data

Stage 3


Making predictions on data trends

Stage 4


Innovating on the advanced data capabilities

What is Data Concierge?

Data Concierge is a technology-enabled service to help your organization conquer data challenges and succeed on your data maturity journey.

With Data Concierge, you’ll get:

Access to all of the wisdom and skill of our Data and Operations teams
A firm data foundation, built with best-in-breed tools and technologies, that will ensure the success of your data program
Ongoing Monitoring, Alerting and Response, made possible by our proprietary Data Operations Center (DOC) software tools
A complete, analysis-ready view of your organization’s data
Simple, transparent pricing that doesn't punish you for the growth of your environment
Resident Architects who will help you continue to march down the road toward maturity

How can Data Concierge help?

Provide your organization with a firm data foundation by delivering a cloud data stack and a DataOps process that is flexible, scalable, resilient, and optimized for driving successful outcomes.
We’ll do all of the work of getting your mission-critical data sources properly ingested, transformed and analysis-ready.
We will work with you to determine the metrics that matter most to your business, and we’ll do all of the analysis and dashboard creation.
Once you have your functioning cloud data stack and analytics capabilities, Data Concierge provides continued monitoring for and observability into your entire stack, from ingestion through consumption, including your Snowflake and cloud provider accounts.
We up-skill your team on your new data stack, ensuring everyone feels comfortable operating within their new data environment. Your team will always be connected to ours via Slack, office hours, and email support.
The North Labs team will be by your side throughout your data journey, ready to help you take advantage of the opportunities that having an optimized cloud data stack provides.

The Data Concierge program is less than half the cost associated with recruiting, hiring and scaling an internal data team.

We've helped so many organizations build their data futures, we ensure complete satisfaction.

Data Concierge is a full-service program to assist you on your data journey, and the data team at North Labs will function as an extension of your organization.

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