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North Labs’ Power BI to QuickSight Migration

What is North Labs’ Power BI to QuickSight Migration? Everything needed to move from Power BI to QuickSight, Free from Headache and Hassle.

For Customers Frustrated By...

  • Microsoft’s Cost Rigidity: Using PBI for critical business logic, concerned about Microsoft lock-in & operational costs.
  • Limited Functionality: Challenges with data silos, sharing limitations, and restricted drill-down into KPIs.
  • Subpar User Experience: Lacking self-service and user-friendliness, and absent of intuitive, natural language-based visualization for broader BI adoption and deeper insights.
  • Skillset Limitations: Dependent on the need for SQL expertise. Analysts and users should not have to be SQL developers.


Primary tool we use

Customer Interview Process + Current StateAnalysis

  • Gather requirements and prioritize dashboards with customer
  • Inventory of existing Power BI reports
  • Inventory of data sources for existing Power BI reports
Primary tool we use

Technical Audit and Metadata Extraction

  • Automated generation of Power BI dependencies via North Labs Power BI Decoder
  • North Labs analysis of decoder results to determine migration dependencies
Primary tool we use

Power BI Report Usage Analysis

  • Provide categorized reports by usage and North
    Labs Complexity Score
  • Combine with customer-reported priority to detail final migration order
  • Deliver high-level Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison
Primary tool we use

Conversion via North Labs Systematic Dashboard Deployment Methodology

  • Bootstrap dashboard conversion via QuickSight APIs
Primary tool we use

Tactical Enhancement, Modernization and QuickSight Capability Exploration

  • “High-Value Targets”: Dashboards evaluated for enhancement and augmentation with native QuickSight capabilities
  • Augment data assets with Amazon Q to support robust ad hoc user questions
Primary tool we use

QuickSight Bootcamp and GenBI Data Democratization:

  • Introduction and in-depth training for customer’s key BI champions accompanied by wider introduction to existing business intelligence cohort
  • Dedicated advisory sessions for QuickSight GenBI and advanced analytics
Primary tool we use

Deprecate and Decommission Power BI Assets


North Labs targets Project Success within 3 Months, where funding mechanisms (AWS MAP or POC Funding) might alleviate concerns of spending on two BI tools at once.

Value of Amazon QuickSight

Data Retention
Streaming Data
Server Costs
Amazon Q for QuickSight
Cost of Influx for New Users
Arithmetic & sometimes unpredictable
Linear (Consumption based with max $5/mo/ non-developer user)
Market Tenure
Risk of Vendor Lock
High (Microsoft)
No Vendor Lock (pay-as-you-go)
Stability and Maturity & Support
Need BI developer skills
No need for BI-developers, NLP querying
Roadmap/Investment (Longevity)
Roadmap tightly coupled to other MS services
10 features per month added in last 15 months
Integration with AD
Azure AD only
QuickSight Enterprise Edition. Works with Azure AD and AWS Managed Active Directory.
Cost-effective Empowerment
of Non-Technical Users
Power BI's employs different syntax und processes (ie Power Query) which entail additional adoption and maintenance costs compared to other tools
QuickSight offers cost-effective ($.30/session/user, max $5/mo/reader) and NLQ with Amazon Q for QuickSight, enabling true self-service analytics for non-technical users

North Labs, a Global Launch Partner of Amazon QuickSight in 2018, forecasts that like the many trailblazing products from Amazon, Amazon Q will continue to significantly disrupt the way insights are democratized with Generative BI.

Those interested in transforming their BI user experience may contact North Labs at sales@northlabs.io or by scheduling a meeting below.