North Labs Achieves Premier Services Partner Status with Snowflake

North Labs has an exciting announcement as they have elevated their partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to the Premier Services Partner designation in Snowflake Partner Network.

As a Premier Partner, we will continue collaborating closely with Snowflake to develop new solutions that help customers extract more value and optimize data stored in the cloud.

North Labs serves small and mid-market greenfield clients with a focus on professional services and managed data operations. Their client roster captures the higher education, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, and financial industries.

“Snowflake has been an essential partner for the success of our customer’s data journey.  We believe in their solutions, and it’s great to confirm that they believe in ours. We are thrilled to be promoted to a Premier Services Partner, as it recognizes not only our alliance with Snowflake, but our deep knowledge of their ecosystem, our focus on client satisfaction, and our skilled and certified employee base”

said Collin Graves  |  Founder of North Labs.

“North Labs’ commitment to drive clients to successful business outcomes helps Snowflake achieve our goal of helping organizations become data-driven”

said Katie Ecklund  |  Senior Director SI Partnerships, at Snowflake.

North Labs Snowflake Premier Services Partner status, along with their AWS Advanced Tier Partner Status, further validates their expertise within Snowflake’s robust partner ecosystem, and we look forward to continuing our work together to help clients unlock their data for business value.

The partnership carries a positive outlook for North Labs heading into 2023, and the company expects to more than double in size each year for the next three years.