Bringing a proven approach to creating successful outcomes.

We use an opinionated, prescriptive approach to creating successful data maturity outcomes. Our mission is not to be “just another” transaction-based systems integrator, but rather a long-term partner for organizations and their data roadmaps.

We start with the end in mind

No two data roadmaps are created alike, which is why we spend time learning what your team is ultimately trying to solve. Every new engagement with North Labs begins with a Discovery Sprint. The Discovery Sprint allows our team to take an ultra-prescriptive approach to our work, and enables us to determine the current state of a customer environment, desired end state, and tools/technologies that will be used to build toward the future.

Do you customize your approach to our business needs?

Yes. Although our approach to your environment's design, build, and management are prescriptive in nature, we are able to cater to your specific business needs.

Who owns my environment and data?

Everything we build belongs to your organization.

What technologies does Data Concierge support?

We support a wide range of best-in-breed tools and technologies. A full list of supported tools can be found here:

How many data sources can I connect to my environment?

As many as you'd like! Our team will help you determine the priority order of your data sources.

What capabilities does the Data Concierge Platform include?

Our Data Concierge Platform ("Hub") provides real-time environment monitoring, observability and automation, ensuring your environment is running efficiently at all times.

Will my data be secure?

Yes. Your data will never need to leave your environment. We also use encryption wherever possible, and work on your data systems via dedicated virtual machines.

Let’s define your North Star

We work entirely on a monthly sprint cadence. This allows us to continually adapt and respond to roadmap changes efficiently and effectively.

Our unique "North Star" exercise helps us define the "Why?" behind our efforts together, and helps maintain team cohesion throughout the build process.